Trans Day of Visibility

Today is Trans Day of Visibility.To celebrate it, I did three posts across social media; one each on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday (today).Here’s the Instagram versions of these posts for you: I’m wishing you the best on this Trans Day of Visibility; and we’ll meet again soon, for March’s Reading Roundup.Stay safe, stay joyful, and […]

Hope Girl

“…I’ll always be your Hope Girl.” This post is a small collection of hopeful things I shared on Twitter, in 2022.Hope is part of my nature.When I became your Library Girl earlier this year, I didn’t realize how important hope was to me; but I saw a pattern of sharing my hope, especially when things […]

The Mina Letters

A Bit of Background In October of 2022, I wrote nine letters that I shared on social media. These “Mina Letters” are personal, but not private; they were meant to help people understand me better.I originally wrote them for family and friends; however, I also found that they helped me understand myself, and now you’re […]

National Coming Out Day

Today (Tuesday, October 11) is National Coming Out Day! As I’m already out, I personally want to use this day for a different purpose; to speak to those of you who are part of our LGBTQIA+ family, but aren’t yet out. Your reasons for not being out are valid. No one should out you or […]

Prelude to National Coming Out Day

Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 11) is National Coming Out Day! Today, I want to use this post to speak to those of you who may have someone come out to you; those of you who are our allies. (This post was written as a companion to a post I’m publishing tomorrow. In tomorrow’s post, I’ll be […]