The Mina Letters

A Bit of Background In October of 2022, I wrote nine letters that I shared on social media. These “Mina Letters” are personal, but not private; they were meant to help people understand me better.I originally wrote them for family and friends; however, I also found that they helped me understand myself, and now you’re […]

Reading Roundup for October 2022

Welcome to October’s Reading Roundup! “Bindle Punk Bruja” “How to Bake a Pie“ “Living a Jewish Life” “The Spare Man” “Into the Windwracked Wilds” “WatchTime Magazine: October 2022“ A Special Note Normally, I only put books in a Reading Roundup that I’ve finished; however, Beloved & I just started a twenty-week Judaism class, which means […]

National Coming Out Day

Today (Tuesday, October 11) is National Coming Out Day! As I’m already out, I personally want to use this day for a different purpose; to speak to those of you who are part of our LGBTQIA+ family, but aren’t yet out. Your reasons for not being out are valid. No one should out you or […]

Prelude to National Coming Out Day

Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 11) is National Coming Out Day! Today, I want to use this post to speak to those of you who may have someone come out to you; those of you who are our allies. (This post was written as a companion to a post I’m publishing tomorrow. In tomorrow’s post, I’ll be […]

Reading Roundup for September 2022

Welcome to September’s Reading Roundup! In September 2022, I read three novels, one novella, one short story, one nonfiction book, one graphic novel, and two comic collections. I got these titles from six library systems, and Patreon. Enjoy! “Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust” “Victories Greater Than Death” “The Love Hypothesis” “With a […]

Wayward Children Read Along in 2023

Welcome Hello and welcome! I know 2023 is still a few months away; however, there’s an activity I want to alert you to now, so that you may be ready to join-in the fun, when the time comes for it. We’re doing a Read Along of a beloved book series; the Wayward Children books by […]

Reading Roundup for August 2022

Welcome to August’s Reading Roundup! In August 2022, I read three novels, one short story, four nonfiction books, one graphic novel, one comic collection, one comic book, and one magazine. I got these titles from three library systems, three independent book stores, one comic book shop, and Patreon. Enjoy! “Killswitch Volume 1” Authors: Tilly Bridges […]

My Favorite Works from Dead Authors

The Two Who Shaped Me When I was just a little Library Girl, two writers formed me as a reader, and shaped my bookish heart; Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen. In this post, I’ll share my favorite work from each of them. “Complete Poems” of Edgar Allan Poe I fell in love with Poe’s […]

Library Tours and Library Passports

Welcome Hello and welcome!I’d like to discuss a related pair of fun topics for library lovers like us; library tours and library passports. Library Tours Have you visited every branch in your Home library system?If you have library cards for multiple library systems, have you visited at-least one branch in each library system?(Some library systems […]