Reading Roundup for April 2023

Welcome I’ve an enchanting featured read for you, followed by a list of the nine other titles I read in April 2023, and then we finish with a pair of bookish pictures! Featured Read: “Flowerheart” Other Reads Book Gallery Here’s a pair of pictures for you, featuring books I finished in April 2023.(Comments about them […]

A Collection of Reading Recommendations

A Brief Explanation Early this month, I asked on my blog and social media for reading recommendations.Here on the blog, I said, “…what I’m asking for my birthday is reading recommendations from you, please.”You may find my request post at this URL: I was joyfully overwhelmed by the response!Y’all recommended nineteen books and five series.Thank […]

Reading Roundup for March 2023

Welcome I’ve got a list of the seven titles I finished in March 2023, a gallery pic, and some thoughts on a possible future post for you. Reads Gallery In this selfie, I’ve just picked-up my pre-order of “Backpacking Through Bedlam” from Eagle Harbor Book Company, and I’m pausing outside the shop, underneath its sign.(Lots […]

A Request for Reading Recommendations

Warm greetings to all of you!It’s now April, and I hope (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) that Spring is starting for you.It’s a time to move from reading indoors under a blanket, to reading outdoors on-top of a blanket. April is also the month with my birthday in it, and what I’m asking for […]

Trans Day of Visibility

Today is Trans Day of Visibility.To celebrate it, I did three posts across social media; one each on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday (today).Here’s the Instagram versions of these posts for you: I’m wishing you the best on this Trans Day of Visibility; and we’ll meet again soon, for March’s Reading Roundup.Stay safe, stay joyful, and […]

Upcoming Posts at Leveling Up

Foreword Greetings & FelicitationsI’m starting a new blog, called “Leveling Up with Mina: A girl’s guide to thriving at work and play,” which you may find here: I hope you’re as curious about what we’ll discuss as I’m delighted to share these topics with you!(The current plan is that I’ll do Leveling Up alongside Library […]

Audio Scripts: Tales of the Middle Kingdom

Once upon a time, I was daydreaming.This is a completely common activity for me; however, on this particular Sunday morning, I was daydreaming about a tale I’d learned as a little girl at a Lunar New Year festival in San Francisco.(The festival was back when I lived on an island in the San Francisco Bay.) […]

A Pair of Podcast Appearances

Hello, friends! This post is a short note to let you know that I recently had my first two podcast appearances; in episodes ten and eleven of “Tilly’s Trans Tuesdays!” I’ve been a fan of the show since the first episode, and it was an honor to be invited on as a guest; plus, as […]

Be Sure to Join Us for the Wayward Children Read Along!

Greetings Hello and welcome.If you’re reading this, then I hope you’re as excited as I am for our Wayward Children Monthly Read Along!In just a couple of months, we’ll crack open the first book in the Wayward Children series and cross into Miss Seanan McGuire’s beloved world.Ready? Wayward Children Monthly This Read Along is called […]

Reading Roundup for February 2023

Welcome I’ve got five featured reads for you, plus a list of the nine other titles I finished in February 2023. This month’s featured reads include a delightfully chaotic mad scientist in training; a romance set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away; a horror-adjacent tale of self-discovery, and a memoir in […]