Libraries with Mina for December 2022

A Brief Introduction

Welcome to the second collection of libraries for our “Libraries with Mina” virtual tour!
For the four libraries featured here, you may simply scroll through this post, to enjoy the pictures and captions.

Let’s dive into this month’s libraries!
First up, is my beloved home library, KRL…


If you’d like to join the conversation on any of the libraries in our virtual tour, the following sections include URLs to the original posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Here’s the Facebook URLs for this month’s “Libraries with Mina.”


And here’s the URLs for each of this month’s virtual tour stops, on Instagram.


Finally, here’s the URLs to the tweets for this month’s libraries.

The Full Set

If you’d like to explore all of my libraries now (and not wait for these “Libraries with Mina” posts to be completed), then you’re welcome to dive into My Libraries and my four Library Cards posts. and

Wrapping Up

And that’s libraries five through eight of our “Libraries with Mina” virtual tour!
Thank you for continuing along the way with me.
If you missed the blog post with libraries one through four, you may find it, here:

I’m posting about a different library every Wednesday, via my various social media accounts.
(These monthly blog posts are collections of the weekly social media posts.)
So, if you’d like to see each library when I initially share it, these URLs will take you to my Library Girl Instagram and Twitter accounts, and Library Girl Facebook photo album.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I’d love to hear about your libraries!

Your Library Girl, Mina
Thank you for reading.

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