Hope Girl

“…I’ll always be your Hope Girl.”

This post is a small collection of hopeful things I shared on Twitter, in 2022.
Hope is part of my nature.
When I became your Library Girl earlier this year, I didn’t realize how important hope was to me; but I saw a pattern of sharing my hope, especially when things got dark.

I’ve embraced my hopefulness, and updated my motto for this blog to:
“Libraries, hope, and the girl who believes in them.”

As I write this, we’re about to move into the darkest part of the year, but that’s also the turning point; the moment after the deep darkness is when we move back towards the light.
Perhaps you’ll find some light for your darkness, below?

It’s true that sometimes your #Library Girl here ventures into being your Indie #Bookstore Girl.
Or, #ComicBook Shop Girl.
Or, #CommunityTheatre Girl.

However, I’ll always be your #Hope Girl.

#LibraryGirl T3R

(10:14 AM · Aug 5, 2022)

“Hope is the light that lifts us out of darkness.”

“Even in the darkest times, hope cuts through. Hope is the light that lifts us out of darkness.”
– Superman (in the Arrowverse “Crisis…”)

The greatest power Superman has is Hope.
He inspires us to be better people & build a better world.

Share your hope.
You will inspire us.

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.”
– Shakespeare

I believe this is how love, & hope, work.
The more of them you give, the more you have.
The more of them you share, the more powerful they are.

(1:29 PM · Jun 26, 2022)

“…and we get there by communicating.”

I remember Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) mentioning how the most-recognizable object the Doctor carriers in #DoctorWho is a screwdriver. A tool; something for building & repairing.
People, situations, or things; no matter what we’ve been through, we have the power to mend them.

My deep heart’s fandom is #StarTrek, & in it the most-recognizable object, & symbol, is the communicator pin. It’s made for sharing; listening, talking, & building community.
Trek is about Hope; the vision that we’ll grow into better people, and we get there by communicating.

(11:53 AM · Jun 28, 2022)

“Yet through all that, I’ve maintained Hope.”

I’ve been sad, angry, & at times so tired that I could only sit & cry.
Yet through all that, I’ve maintained Hope.
Hope isn’t the absence of suffering, or a false cheerfulness.
Hope is your power to survive & thrive.
Hope is the people who choose to walk beside you, hand-in-hand.

“But I won’t let them break me down to dust
I know that there’s a place for us
For we are glorious
When the sharpest words wanna cut me down
I’m gonna send a flood, gonna drown ’em out
I am brave, I am bruised
I am who I’m meant to be, this is me”
– Pasek and Paul

(11:17 AM · Jun 29, 2022)

“We need you.”

I’ve a message to all the artists & crafters, from dancers to fanfic writers & painters to fabric artists.
We need you.
What you do is important & necessary.
“Times being what they are; Dark, and getting darker all the time.”
You brighten things & make the world better.
Thank you.

(2:00 PM · Dec 4, 2022)

“Every day, I choose this certainty of joy over the possibility of suffering.”

I’m your Hope Girl, so I promise this thread will be hopeful, but first we need to start with a statistical reality; the probability of me being murdered.

BIPOC trans women are the group with the single highest murder rate in the USA.

I voluntarily joined this group on October 1st 2021, when I finally started living as myself 24/7.
(I’d been out at work, meaning on Zoom, but not out IRL.)

I knew this statistic before coming out.

Why’d I come out, then?


Living as Mina gives me so much joy.
So, I’ve chosen to trade the possibility of violence for the certainty of happiness.

The same is true for my journey of conversion to a Jewish community & life.
It’s dangerous to be Jewish, but I’ve so much joy!

The objective of terrorism is to promote terror; to make people afraid.

When we choose the certainty of happiness over the possibility of suffering, the terrorists lose.

I think that they know this & it makes them angry that we’re not cowering, that they have no power over us.

Transphobia & antisemitism are real. I’m aware & concerned, but not afraid. My heart is too full of joy at being me, a trans Jewish Latina, to have room for fear.

Every day, I choose this certainty of joy over the possibility of suffering.

You can, too.

Love, #LibraryGirl

(12:58 PM · Sep 18, 2022)

Before We Wrap-Up

I apologize for interrupting the flow of these thoughts about Hope.
However, I wanted to mention that the final item I’m sharing with you includes a link to a video.
So, if you’d like to hear Sam tell Frodo about the stories that really mattered, then you may want to follow the link to the clip on YouTube.

“…your story really matters, and…there is always #Hope.”

Here’s a clip I adore, from #TheTwoTowers, of Sam talking about the stories that really mattered.
May I remind you that your story really matters, and that there is always #Hope.

Love, #LibraryGirl

(7:45 AM · Jul 29, 2022)

No End to Hope

Thank you for joining me for this collection of reflections on hope.
As I mentioned when we began this brief journey, these are some (but not all) of the things I’ve said about hope in 2022.
I know that I’ve a lot more hope to share with you in the future, and I look forward both to sharing my hope with you, and receiving the gift of your hope.
Thanks much.

All My Love,
Your Library Girl, Mina
Thank you for reading.

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