Libraries with Mina for November 2022

A Brief Introduction

Welcome to the first collection of posts for our “Libraries with Mina” virtual tour!

For any of my libraries below, If you click on the box with the picture in it, you should be taken to the full thread for that week’s virtual visit.
(In addition to the libraries, these threads may mention books, bookshops, writers, artists, tea, and more.)

When you click on one of these picture boxes, it will open at (or in the Twitter app).
If you’d prefer to explore these virtual tour stops via Instagram or Facebook, I have URLs for these services, at the bottom of this post.

Let’s begin!

First up, is the announcement for our tour…

Announcement Post

This wallet is precious to me; it holds my #library cards.

Starting in November, I’ll take you on a virtual tour of them.
We’ll do this on Wednesdays, ’til we’ve visited all fifteen.

In-addition to #libraries, our tour may include #writers, #tea, & #bookstores.

XO #LibraryGirl

Week One: Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL)

The @gvpl would like you to know that I have a curious mind.
(This is a true, in multiple ways.)

Welcome to our first #LibrariesWithMina thread!
We’ll be doing these weekly, until we’ve virtually visited every #library card in my collection.

XO #LibraryGirl


Week Two: Jefferson County Library (JCL)

This week, we’re visiting the @JCLibraryWA and their collection of @seananmcguire books.
XO #LibraryGirl

[#LibrariesWithMina #Libraries #Library #LibraryCard]
[#JeffersonCountyLibrary #SeananMcGuire]

Week Three: Jewish Public Library of Montreal (JPL)

Today’s #LibrariesWithMina is @jpl_montreal.

The memoirs #BecomingEve by Rabbi @abbychavastein & #SinceSinai by @gonyoushannon both touched my soul, as did this print by @geekcalligraphy:

May you delight in them, too.

XO #LibraryGirl

Week Four: King County Library System (KCLS)

For this week’s #LibrariesWithMina, we’re visiting @kcls.
@norwescon (my local SF&F con) is in King County, & it’s a great event for readers.
At this year’s #Norwescon, I had the pleasure of meeting writer & editor @jenniferbrozek, & buying her “Five Minute Stories Volumes 1 – 5”


Here’s the URLs for each of this month’s virtual tour stops, on Instagram.


And here’s the Facebook URLs for this month’s “Libraries with Mina.”

The Full Set

If you’d like to explore all of my libraries now (and not wait for these “Libraries with Mina” posts to be completed), then you’re welcome to dive into My Libraries and my four Library Cards posts. and

Wrapping Up

And that’s our first batch of libraries for our “Libraries with Mina” virtual tour!
Thank you for accompanying me along the way.
I’m posting about a different library every Wednesday, via my various social media accounts.
(These monthly blog posts are collections of the weekly social media posts.)
So, if you’d like to see each library when I initially share it, these URLs will take you to my Library Girl Twitter account and Library Girl Facebook photo album. and

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I’d love to hear about your libraries!

Your Library Girl, Mina
Thank you for reading.

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