What I Want for the Holidays

‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again; time to share our wish lists for the holiday shopping season.
As your Library Girl, my wish list is focused on four bookish things that I’d love for you to do or buy.

Number One: Get a Library Card

You may get a library card, if you don’t have one.
Of course, there’s no reason to stop at one; I have sixteen.

If you’re curious what my cards are, or how I got them, you’re welcome to explore My Libraries and my four Library Cards posts:
https://library-girl.com/my-libraries/ and https://library-girl.com/tag/library-cards/

Number Two: Use Your Library Card

If you have a library card, please use it.
Here in the USA, libraries get funding based partly on use.
So, simply by using something free-to-you, you’re helping the library.
(I’m not sure if libraries get funding based partly on use in other countries; but if you know how this works for where you live, I’d love to hear from you, please and thank you.)

Number Three: Buy Books from the Friends of the Library

It’s the holiday shopping season, and you want to spend money? OK.
Or course, I’m going to suggest that you buy books.
In addition, I’d like to suggest that you purchase these treasures from a Friends of the Library group local to you.
(Money raised from FoL is given to the library, so you’re giving to the library & getting books; everybody wins.)

My Island’s FoL has regularly-scheduled book sales, and perhaps yours does, too?

Some libraries have FoL bookstores (instead of, or in addition to, planned book sales).
For example, the Friends of the Port Angeles Library (in the North Olympic Library System) has this bookstore:

Used mass market paperbacks are usually inexpensive from FoL.

You could even go to a Friends of the Library book sale (&/or store) to purchase books for a Little Free Library; then you’d be helping your library and sharing the gift of books with people in your community.

Number Four: A Present for your Library Girl

You want to spend money on a gift for me?
That’s sweet of you; thank you.
The Bainbridge Public Library is my local library (it’s part of the Kitsap Regional Library).
You may donate to them, in my name (Mina Martinez Oldham).

Wrapping Up

And that’s a wrap for my holiday wish list.
I hope it’s inspired you; and if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

If you’d like to give me additional holiday cheer, I’d love to get a picture of you doing any of the bookish things I’ve suggested.
My Contact page has various ways that you may reach out to me:

(Because I believe in privacy, I’ll consider any notes &/or pictures that you send to be private and won’t share them on social media, unless you explicitly say that something is shareable.)

Happy bookish holidays!

Your Library Girl, Mina


Thank you for reading.

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