Reading Roundup for October 2022

Welcome to October’s Reading Roundup!

“Bindle Punk Bruja”

“How to Bake a Pie

“Living a Jewish Life”

  • Author: Anita Diamant
  • Author URLs: and
  • Acquisition Type: Purchased
  • Acquired From: Eagle Harbor Book Co.
  • Acquisition URLs: and
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Related Works: The author also wrote “Choosing a Jewish Life.”
  • Notes: While you may read this book cover-to-cover, it’s divided into themed sections, so you can also go straight to a particular section that interests you, or to a particular chapter (like for an upcoming holy day), or chapter section. Beloved and I found “The Yontif Seder” section of the “Jewish Time” chapter immediately useful. I expect that we’ll be referring to both “Living” and “Choosing” for some time. I read “Choosing” in August (along with some other Judaica books). At that time, conversion to a Jewish community and way of life were a possibility for me; now, they’re a certainty. Here’s the URL for that month’s Reading Roundup:

“The Spare Man”

“Into the Windwracked Wilds”

  • Author: (Seanan McGuire writing as) A. Deborah Baker
  • Author URLs: and
  • Acquisition Type: Purchased
  • Acquired From: Eagle Harbor Book Co.
  • Acquisition URLs: and
  • Format: Hardback Book
  • Related Works: This is book three in The Up-and-Under series. Also, The Up-and-Under books are quoted in the Alchemical Journeys series. (A. Deborah Baker, SMG’s pen name for The Up-and-Under books, is a character in the Alchemical Journeys series.) and
  • Notes: Every October, I read (or re-read) a book by Seanan McGuire; she’s a very Halloween sort of person. By my count, “Into the Windwracked Wilds” is SMG’s fifth book for the year. Her previous entries (all under her own name) were January’s “Where the Drowned Girls Go” (Wayward Children series), March’s “Spelunking Through Hell” (InCryptid series), May’s “Seasonal Fears” (Alchemical Journeys series), and August’s “Be the Serpent” (October Daye series).

“WatchTime Magazine: October 2022

  • Publisher: Ebner Publishing Group
  • Magazine URLs: and
  • Acquisition Type: Subscription
  • Acquired From: Subscribed from publisher.
  • Acquisition URL:
  • Format: Paper Magazine.
  • Related Works: “WatchTime has sister magazines in Germany, Poland, Korea, Japan, China and India.”
  • Notes: Yep, I have a subscription to a paper magazine about wrist watches (& other timekeeping devices). They fascinate me, for a couple of reasons. First, time pieces are a blending of art & engineering. Second, I love how the technology in watchmaking has built consistently over centuries. In the modern tech industry, something that’s three years old may seem ancient; however in the watch world, there are ideas that were pioneered by Abraham-Louis Breguet (10 January 1747 – 17 September 1823) that are still in-use.

A Special Note

Normally, I only put books in a Reading Roundup that I’ve finished; however, Beloved & I just started a twenty-week Judaism class, which means both that the number of books I finish in a month will most-probably diminish, and that I’ll be reading the class’s assigned books for the next few months.
So, here are the books for our class:

  • “On One Foot: An Intro to Judaism Coursebook” by Rabbi Adam Greenwald
  • “To Life! A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking” by Rabbi Harold Kushner
  • “Aleph Isn’t Tough: An Introduction to Hebrew for Adults” by Rabbi Linda Motzkin
  • “Jewish Literacy: Revised Edition” by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
  • “A Short History of the Jewish People” by Rabbi Raymond Scheindlin
  • “The Jewish Way: Living the Holidays” by Rabbi Irving Greenberg
  • “The Sabbath” by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

And that wraps-up my Reading Roundup for October 2022.

Library Girl (aka Mina) and

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