Wayward Children Read Along in 2023


Hello and welcome!

I know 2023 is still a few months away; however, there’s an activity I want to alert you to now, so that you may be ready to join-in the fun, when the time comes for it.

We’re doing a Read Along of a beloved book series; the Wayward Children books by Seanan McGuire!

Wayward Children Monthly

The first book in this series (“Every Heart a Doorway”) is one of my two favorite works by a living author, and I shared some details about the book, as well as my love for it, in this post:

This Read Along is called “Wayward Children Monthly” as we’ll be reading one book in the series every month, starting in May of 2023, and ending in January of 2024.
If this schedule seems peculiar, the reasoning behind it is that the Wayward Children books come out every year in January.
So, if we start the series in May of 2023, then we’ll have finished the last of the currently-published books in December of 2023; and we’ll be ready for the newest book to launch, in January of 2024.

Here are the books in the Wayward Children series, listed in publishing order (the same order we’ll read them in), and the month we’ll read them:

  1. “Every Heart a Doorway” (May 2023)
  2. “Down Among the Sticks and Bones” (June 2023)
  3. “Beneath the Sugar Sky” (July 2023)
  4. “In an Absent Dream” (August 2023)
  5. “Come Tumbling Down” (September 2023)
  6. “Across the Green Grass Fields” (October 2023)
  7. “Where the Drowned Girls Go” (November 2023)
  8. “Lost in the Moment and Found” (December 2023)
  9. Book with Unknown (as of September 2022) Title (January 2024)

If you want to learn more about the world of the Wayward Children, here are a trio of URLs for you, beginning with my post where I talked about the first book, then a Wikipedia article (which doesn’t have much info, but still may help you); and finally, the Wayward Children fan wiki:

On Twitter, we’ll be using the hashtags #WaywardChildrenMonthly and #ReadAlong, as a way to find each other and discuss the books.
These URLs should take you to Twitter’s search page for each of these hashtags:

A Special Note

The rest of this blog post was written in August of 2022, which was before this year’s Hugo Awards ceremony; I routinely prepare a post weeks ahead of sharing it.
(This “A Special Note” section was written in September, after the Hugo Awards ceremony.)

Between when the rest of this blog post was written and now, the Wayward Children series won the Hugo Award for Best Series!
Winning a Hugo is an honor, and it’s also a recognition of what this series means to all of the readers who voted for it.

If you’d like to learn more about the Hugo Awards &/or see the full slate of nominees and winners from this year’s ceremony, here are a pair or URLs for you:

Looking Forward

I hope this activity sparks your interest, and I look forward to doing it with you!
Our Wayward Children Monthly Read Along will be entirely online, so you may join-in on the conversation from anywhere.

Of course, I’ll remind you of the Read Along, when the date approaches.
Until then, we’ll have lots to discuss, both here on the blog and on Twitter.
Talk to you soon!

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