Reading Roundup for July 2022

Welcome to my third Reading Roundup!

In July 2022, I read four novels, one novella, one short story collection, two short stories, three comic anthologies, one comic collection, and three comic books. I got these titles from three library systems, one independent book store, one comic book shop, and Patreon.


“In the Silences”

  • Author: Rachel Gold
  • Author URLs: and
  • Acquisition Type: Borrowed from library.
  • Acquired From: Seattle Public Library
  • Acquisition URLs: and
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Related Works: As far as I know, this is a stand-alone novel. (However, a later book of RG’s may connect it to her other works.)
  • Notes: RG is the author I’m most-happy to have learned about, this year. ITS has love, lots of comic book nerdery (mostly Marvel), and honest handling of race and gender.

“The Variants #1”

“Where the Drowned Girls Go”

“DC Pride 2021”

  • Author: Various
  • Title URL:
  • Acquisition Type: Purchased
  • Acquired From: Phoenix Comics & Games
  • Acquisition URLs: and
  • Format: Hardcover Comic Anthology
  • Related Works: “DC Pride 2021” was followed by “DC Pride 2022.” Both books are an anthology of short stories featuring various characters in the DC Universe. So, it’s connected to a lot of other stories. That said, these are stand-alone stories, and you should be able to enjoy them as-is.
  • Notes: My favorite story in “DC Pride 2021” was “Date Night” by Nicole Maines, which featured her character of Dreamer/Nia Nal. I’ve adored this character since her first scene in the (Arrowverse) show Supergirl (her coffee-related babble in Supergirl 4×1). Here in “DC Pride 2021” she’s grown, but retains her humor and heart.

“In Safety Rest”

“Superman: Son of Kal-El vol 1 Truth”

  • Author: Tom Taylor
  • Author URLs: and
  • Acquisition Type: Purchased
  • Acquired From: Phoenix Comics & Games
  • Acquisition URLs: and
  • Format: Hardcover Comic Book Collection (this volume collects “Superman: Son of Kal-El” #1-6.)
  • Related Works: This volume begins with issue number one, so you don’t need any previous reading before starting this. However, this is part of the DC Universe, and connects to the first superhero; Superman.
  • Notes: I knew nothing about Jon Kent (the new Superman in this volume), and I enjoyed it. However, I admit that I read this because I found-out that Dreamer would be appearing in issue number thirteen and I wanted to have some familiarity with the title before I read that issue.

“Court of Venom”

“The Shadow in the Glass”

“DC Pride 2022”

“Superman: Son of Kal” Issue #13

“Five Minute Stories Volumes 1 – 5”

“The Littlest Library”

“In Mercy, Rain”

“Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2022) #1”

“The Variants #2”

And that wraps-up my Reading Roundup for July 2022. I’ll see you again for August’s!

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