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Welcome to the first of four related posts about library cards and access to libraries!

In this collection of posts, we’ll discuss Home, Reciprocal, and Purchased library cards; then wrap-up by exploring libraries-without-cards.
I hope you’ll enjoy these posts, and that they give you ideas for expanding your access to books!

Your Neighborhood Library

Let’s get started with the simplest library card to get; your Home library’s card.

I live on an island in Kitsap County, Washington.
My home library is the Kitsap Regional Library (KRL).
Simply by living in Kitsap County, I’m granted the privilege of getting a KRL card.

Some people are blessed with having multiple Home libraries.
The city of Seattle is in King County.
So, for someone who lives in Seattle, both the Seattle Public Library and the King County Library System would be their Home libraries.

(I should also note that for many libraries, the rules for who gets a Home library card includes words like “…if you live, work, own property, or pay taxes in…” So, a library may be welcoming you as a Home patron, even if you don’t live there. Very kind of them.)

State Libraries

There’s one more Home library for us to discuss; the state library.
I’m a resident of Washington state, so I have a Washington State Library card.

If you haven’t yet explored your state’s library, here’s a list of state libraries (and state archives) with links to Wikipedia articles about them:

Next Up

In the second post in our set, we’ll discuss Reciprocal library cards!
The bulk of my library card collection comes from Reciprocal cards, so I’m excited by them.
You may view and explore my library card collection, here:

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